Feeling healthy and beautiful provides a certain quality of life. With this in mind, we have been researching and developing intelligent cosmetic solutions for more than thirty years. As a supplier and trader of high-quality raw materials, and also as a developer and trendsetter of innovative concepts and formulations, we are on hand to assist you at all times with our decades of expertise.

The focus of everything we do remains on the individual, even in the course of our everyday work. Manufacturing and stabilizing cosmetics using natural methods is a matter as close to our hearts as environmentally sound business practices and an ongoing dialogue with our customers, suppliers and employees. We always deal with others on a level playing field. We are aware of our responsibilities and are only satisfied once we have found the best possible solution.



Our responsibility towards people and nature is not only reflected in our conscious selection of raw materials and business partners, but can also be seen in our commitment to combining economic and sustainable value creation. The pursuit of sustainability is a sensitive issue for manufacturers of cosmetics – and thus also ourselves as a supplier and knowledge service provider – which is why we take our duty all the more seriously. Accordingly, we have formulated an ambitious concept and a clear plan of action to further improve the sustainability performance of our company. After all, cosmetics are concerned with the well-being of the individual and their need for dignity, health, beauty and social acceptance. At Dr. Straetmans, we are unreservedly committed to this notion.

Mann und Frau

Social commitment

We have set ourselves the goal of not only being successful commercially, but also socially. Together with strong partners, we support a number of social projects and also initiate some of our own. By doing so, we wish to make a contribution to the future viability of our society, which is why we are investing in education and environmental protection projects. As a company based in Hamburg, it goes without saying that we are firmly anchored in the region. Beyond that, however, we also support projects all over the world in conjunction with internationally active organizations.

Here are some examples of our social commitment: