The Asian Face Care Routine

Formulating skin care products for warm regions firstly requires to keep in mind that the skin feel is most important. In a hot and humid climate, people prefer products that do not lay heavy on the skin and are caring without being greasy.

Furthermore, developing products for a face care range, it is helpful to know about beauty rituals popular in certain regions. The "Asian Layering" is a face care routine comprising multiple steps of cleansing, leave on products and special treatments:

The face care routine starts with a double cleansing step, combining an oil based cleanser with a foam, milk, or gel based cleansing products. Subsequently, several leave on products are layered, while each product is targeted at different specific skin problems. The formulations increase in richness and texture to lock in the active ingredients and moisture. The underlying principle of the Asian face care is to prevent skin aging early on and achieve a well-cared skin that does not need much coverage with heavy make-up. Extra intensive treatments with masks and highly active essences compliment the routine. To prevent sun-induced skin aging, high sun protection is a must-have final step in the day care layering concept.

suggested formulations