Body & Sun Care for Warm Climates

What do you have to keep in mind when formulating for warm countries, especially Asia?

The skin feel is most important. In a hot and humid climate, people prefer products that do not lay heavy on the skin and are caring without being greasy. The ideal formulation can be characterized with the following properties:

  • Easy to spread
  • Cooling and moisturizing
  • Fast absorption
  • Light and matte skin feel
  • Non greasy, sticky or shiny on the skin
  • Low film building
  • Smooth and glossy appearance
  • Discreet scents


How to achieve this sensorial profile?

Choose a low oil phase containing high spreading oils to create a light skin feel. For plant oils, look for local sources.

Match this with an emulsifier that

  • doesn't form a heavy film on the skin
  • enhances quick absorption
  • can stabilize a small oil phase at low viscosities
  • is tolerant towards actives

Make sure a preservation system with synergistically acting materials reliably protects the product and doesn't interfere with your emulsifier system.

In addition, stabilize your emulsion with e.g. gelling agents. This can create a modern gel cream concept.

Add active materials matching your product concept. For example, Asian consumers prefer lightening actives.

Scent your fomulation with light and discreet perfumes especially designed for asian and warm regions.

suggested formulations