Emulsifiers & surfactants

Cosmetic products depend strongly on their emulsifiers, stabilizers and rheological modifiers. They define the product concept and the stability of the formulation. A whole set of surface active ingredients is available to serve the different concepts in cosmetics. Also the sensorial profile is strongly influenced by the choice of emulsifiers and the combination with co-emulsifiers and stabilizers. Finally sustainable sourcing of natural raw materials or absence of certain chemicals like palm oil derivates, may play an important role for the marketing concept.

Under the roof of our dermofeel® and symbio®muls brand, formulators will find different types of emulsifiers, co-emulsifiers and stabilizers, all with different properties, but all aiming first and foremost to create a stable emulsion. Solutions for other challenges like solubilization are also offered by raw materials from our dermofeel® and symbio®solv line.