Hair care ingredients

At Dr. Straetmans, there are experienced and passionate hair care experts dedicating time to what our customers need. We develop new, modern hair care formulations every year. We invest a lot of time into these formulation works and testings to demonstrate the conditioner performance, foam production and quality, compatibility of the hair, reduction of the build up effect and other product features important to create cutting edge hair care products.

In our work we use the ingredients that best fit the concept. We can choose between our range of Amylomer products, dermofeel® quadegra or symbio®quat. All of those are based on sustainable vegetable starch as a starting material. To gain the best performance of these natural polymers we use chemical modifications that create the profile for the different hair types. In some cases we combine our ingredients with those of other suppliers, if it is beneficial for the overall performance.

When fully natural or certified products are to be developed, we have the natural ingredient dermofeel® P-30 at hand, which is the best choice for certified natural hair care.