Oil components

Oil components are the heart of a cosmetic composition, strongly influencing the skin feel and performance of the whole product. They are perceived by the user and will decide about the first and probably remaining impression of the product. This is the reason why it is so important for cosmetic formulators to carefully choose the oil components for the formulation. Many oils with different characteristics are available. It is crucial to balance the desired skin feel and the functionality that is to be achieved.

Within the dermofeel® range, Dr. Straetmans offers a range of functional oil components with mainly high spreadability which can furnish your product with an elegant sensoric profile. Also the viscosity shall be in a range that is accepted by the customer. Therefore the strong increase of viscosity and poor spreadability of products with high pigment load are bothersome, for example in the development of sunscreens. In these occasions it may be helpful to use oil components from our dermofeel® range that can carry a high pigment load, as it is required for compositions with high SPF.