Multifunctional antimicrobials & Preservatives

Since many years, preservatives are subject to intense marketing and safety discussions. As a result, several standard preserving systems are facing public depreciation, legal restrictions or even prohibition. Consequently, for formulators the number of approved systems to cope with the legal demand of bringing microbiologically stable products to the market is declining steadily. While several years ago alternative strategies such as the use of multifunctional antimicrobials have only been curiosities or interesting options, today, the use of these components as integral part of a preservation concept has become indispensable.

"Under the trade name dermosoft®, Dr. Straetmans has developed a range of multifunctional antimicrobial additives. With our Verstatil® products, we added a carefully chosen line of traditional preservatives to our portfolio.
Both, the dermosoft® and Verstatil® product line, alone or in combination, have proven their effectiveness as reliable preserving systems in thousands of microbiological challenge tests."

Personal Care Protection Guide

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