Deo Roll on Sport for Men



Smooth skin feel with quick absorption
dermosoft® decalact deo MB and dermofeel® TEC eco as deo actives
Natural content cn: 71.3%, Natural origin content cno: 96.7% (incl. water, ISO 16128)


1. Pre-mix phase A. Dissolve phase A1 in phase A under high force stirring until it is completely dissolved.

2. Pre-mix phase B. Add phase B to phase A/A1 while stirring.

3. Homogenize for 1-2 min. using an Ultra-Turrax.

4. Pre-mix phase C and add under medium stirring to phase A/A1/B. Adjust pH-value if necessary.


Appearance: Milky liquid

pH-value: 4.5 - 5

Viscosity (Brookfield (21°C): TF; Speed 10 rpm): 1500 - 2000 mPas

Stability test: passed

Microbiological safety: challenge test passed

*Not considered for calculation of cn and cno