Liquid To Powder Foundation



Liquid emulsion with a silky powder finish
High load of pigments well dispersed with dermosoft® OMP
Natural content cn: 70%, Natural origin content cno: 96.7% (incl. water, ISO 16128)


1. Mix phase A and phase B separately and heat up to 65°C.

2. Disperse phase A1 to phase A until completely dissolved.

3. Grind phase A2. Add phase A2 to phase A/A1.

4. Add phase B to phase A/A1/A2 under stirring.

5. Homogenize.

6. Start to cool down under medium stirriing.

7. Adjust pH-value to 5,8-6.2 if necessary.


Appearance: Brown, liquid lotion

pH-value: 5.8 - 6.2

Viscosity Brookfield (21°C): TC93; 10rpm / helip.: 2000 - 6000 mPas

Stability test: passed

Microbiological safety: challenge test passed